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Unique Support Model

Discover Support & Training As Unique As Your Business 

Yardi Helpdesk

Need some help?

BC Solutions' Help Desk and their YARDI® expertise are there for your team. Our resources respond quickly to support requests, address the issue, and provide takeaway materials so users learn additional functionality.  

"Every person has been super responsive and eager to help! They take amazing time to demonstrate how to fix the issue instead of just doing it." 
Vivien Cooper
Software and Operations Manager, Kane Realty Corporation


BCS Concierge Club

BCS Concierge Club

Maybe you really need a resource on call to fill your help desk or support needs.

Look no further! BC Solutions' Concierge Club can provide you with the support you need - and so much more.

Click below to read more about this exclusive service.

Yardi Training

Need Some Training?

Let our team of experts get your team up to speed on Yardi® with a curriculum that is customized to your business.  We do not believe in pre-fab slide decks or click-by-click seminars.  Our trainees get into a test environment and perform day-to-day tasks themselves with our guidance.  We are available to train our clients' Yardi users on Residential, Commercial, Accounting, System Admin functionality and security, Reporting, Job Cost, Senior Housing, and Maintenance.

BCS Training

New User Training

If one or more members of your team are new Yardi® users, we can help with everything from a full on-site training, or a "crash course".   If your business is on a new Yardi® account, we will work with your Yardi® account manager to ensure that our training meets the Yardi® implementation training requirements.​

Refresher Courses

Oftentimes, once a Yardi® user has used the system for several weeks, there are new questions that arise that weren't covered during the implementation training.  Also, new hires can benefit from some training time with an expert.


Our screen-sharing webinar will allow your users to take control and practice the knowledge they've learned in real-time.  *YARDI® LICENSE HOLDERS ONLY

BC Solutions Training

What Our Trainees Are Saying

"I really can't tell you how much help you have been to me. I received an hour crash course on Yardi® before the previous manager left. I tried to grasp as much as I could on my own but trying to transition into this new position and finding the time to learn the program was challenging. Just know that you have made me a very happy person. Thanks again and again!"


-Property Manager, Orlando, FL

E-mail Peter at for more information on training options and rates
Note - BC Solutions, Inc only provides training on Yardi products to current Yardi users

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