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Virtual CTO

Do You Need A Virtual CTO?

Virtual CTO Services

BC Solutions offers Virtual CTO services to help firms maximize their tech and software investments without the overhead of full-time tech personnel.

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Virtual Services

What is Virtual CTO?

Virtual CTO (Chief Technology Officer) leverages BC Solutions' combined decades of experience in property management technology and implementation to provide the best technological training, infrastructure and software development for its clients.


In short, BC Solutions becomes your IT department - without the IT department expense. With BC Solutions on your team, you will know your firm's tech needs are being handled by experienced industry experts, leaving your company's other professionals to do what they do best.

Who Uses Virtual CTO?

BC Solutions' Virtual CTO services are designed to assist smaller, mid-sized and growing firms maximize their tech investments and minimize personnel overhead. Our experts work with your company's leadership to develop effective tech-related strategies, train staff and manage development and implementation of your firm's software and systems.

Benefits of Virtual CTO

  • Lower overhead for smaller or growing firms

  • Maximize your tech investments

  • Professional training for team members

  • Decades of property management experience

  • PropTech Experts

Why Virtual CTO?

Specialized tech personnel, like those experienced in residential, commercial, and senior living property management, command substantial salaries in full-time roles. For some companies, it makes sense to retain full-time tech leadership, while for other firms the expense is too great.

With BC Solutions' Virtual CTO, you get the best of both worlds - seasoned tech leadership with greatly reduced overhead. Our experts know how to maximize your tech investments, train your team, and best position your company and its employees to achieve their goals.

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