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Yardi Helpdesk

Your Helpdesk Reimagined

Yardi Support

Find Out What Concierge Level Support Really Feels Like

This is BC Solutions' unique support model.

It is designed to provide members with priority status, rapid resolution times, and other added benefits - delivered by our top-level experts in Yardi® software.

BCS Concierge Club

The Benefits of Club Membership

Your membership secures 120 units of helpdesk service - but also so much more

Yardi Helpdesk

We are on call

You are our priority. We'll be available to you 7 days a week on your schedule. You won't get that with regular Helpdesk services!

Yardi Reports

Data Analysis

This is a data-intensive industry! Keeping it all up-to-date can be a challenge. We will review your data regularly and provide reports and insight into data-cleansing issues.

Yardi Helpdesk

Report Library

Yardi Helpdesk

Service Level

2-hour response time - guaranteed. No more waiting and wondering when your request might be reviewed. This club has an SLA!

Access to the BC Solutions library of custom reports. It can cost thousands to get a custom report created. Access to our library can save you time and money.

Yardi Support

Peace of Mind

Knowing your issues will be resolved within a consistent and reasonable spending level... that is peace of mind.

BCS Concierge Club

Want to speak with someone  from BC Solutions about a membership?
Someone will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your email address 

How Does The Club Work?

  • Clients pay a monthly Concierge Club fee for defined support units representing a discount from our normal consulting rate

  • Yardi Helpdesk is used to manage all tickets (Freshdesk)

  • Our Club Member Service Level Agreement (SLA) and contract move you to the front of the service queue

  • Support units are for helpdesk services only - and cannot be used for custom report writing or programming hours

  • Easy Cancellation (60-day)

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