The BC Solutions Team


BC Solutions, Inc. is led by Peter Michaels, who has experience as a former Implementation Project Manager and Developer at Yardi Systems, as well as several years working as an independent consultant, where he has worked on some of the largest Yardi Voyager® 7s and Yardi Voyager® 6.0 implementations in the United States.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from UNC Wilmington.


Brad Strode is a partner and Yardi consultant at BC Solutions, Inc.  Mr. Strode specializes in Yardi Voyager® 7s implementations and custom report writing.  He has worked as a report specialist for one of the largest Voyager® 7s users in the United States, developing customized Lease and Rider Packets, Renewal Packets, and other custom reports.  He has experience and knowledge of New York residential regulations and Yardi New York module.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Boston University and a Master’s Degree in Economics from Duke University.


Team members

Kevin Atamian

Professional accountant (inactive CPA) with 17 years’ experience.  Mr. Atamian is experienced in Yardi Voyager® 7s Residential implementations, as well as Voyager® and Yardi Genesis® month-end and year-end accounting support.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master of Science in Accountancy from UNC Wilmington.

Joseph Fernandez

Joe Fernandez has been involved in property management for over 18 years.  I started in the industry as a Deputy Director of a small nonprofit. When we acquired a portfolio of affordable housing I selected Yardi to do the compliance and property management.  A few years later wanting a change and seeing an opportunity I joined Yardi in 2005 as Affordable Housing Consultant.  In my almost ten years with Yardi, I flew over one million miles servicing clients.  The job took me all over the country, from Anchorage, AK, west coast, east coast and everywhere place in between (even Grand Forks, ND!). What this experience teaches you is whether the client is large or small we listen, solve their problems and care like it was our business.  As you can see I love to travel so when I’m not working I’m planning my next adventure and try to take one of my three daughters on these trips.

Rick Hunt

Whether determining the best mix of hardware and services to maximize his family’s television enjoyment or customizing a SQL report for a BC Solutions client, Rick Hunt is a problem solver. So it makes sense that, after earning a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Tennessee Technological University, Rick started his career providing technical support. Eventually, he made the switch to software development to help eliminate problems from arising in the first place. A master at custom report writing and data transfer, Rick created a process to import and convert more than 50,000 Yardi Affordable Housing tenant records, eliminating hundreds of hours of manual work. When he's not in front of a computer screen, you'll likely find him in the stands of a baseball game or hanging out with his amazingly cool wife and two daughters—sometimes both of those things at once. 

Ashley Yount

Ashley is a Certified Public Accountant with over 10 years of real estate accounting and system experience.

Prior to joining BC Solutions, Ashley’s experience includes serving as Controller for a privately held, national commercial real estate development, investment and advisory firm. In this role, her responsibilities included acting as the company’s system administrator, management of the accounting team, implementing accounting processes and procedures, financial reporting in accordance with GAAP, calculating tenant recoveries for operational assets and overseeing all reporting for construction projects. During this role she implemented the use of the Lease Administration module with Yardi 7s allowing the company to enter leases and track Account Receivable balances to allow accurate and timely reporting of uncollected funds. During this implementation and record scrubbing the company recovered $1M in uncollected additional tenant billings.

Prior to her Controller role, Ashley worked with a global real estate services company providing 3rd party accounting and property management services to clients. In this role she was part of a small group of experienced real estate accountants tasked with opening the start-up office for the East Region Accounting office and centralizing all accounting functions. On day one the start-up office included only 3 desks and a home office Lexmark printer. Fast forward six years later, the office has grown from a team of three accounts to a team over 30. Offices all over the East Region were consolidated into the start-up office, the New York office being the largest office centralized. She was responsible for managing an accounting team of six and overseeing the Accounts Payable and Receivable department and on-boarding financial information for new clients into Yardi Voyager 6.0, Yardi Voyager 7.0 and MRI.

Ashley resides in Charlotte, North Caroline. She is very family oriented and most weekends can be found spending time with her sister, nephew, daughter, son and husband. She also enjoys playing tennis, scrapbooking and cooking.

Francisco Rodriguez

Francisco Rodríguez has been a software developer since 2010 based out of San Jose, Costa Rica. He has created websites, web applications, and data analysis tools for a varied array of business. He has been in charge of implementing, designing and building software applications, all the way from database to UI design. He is currently doing BI work, custom API work and SSRS/YSR reports at BC Solutions. He enjoys photography, soccer and chilling out on any Costa Rican beach.

Beth Sarate

Beth Sarate is an accounting and finance professional with over 20 years’ experience (inactive CPA).  She began her career in public accounting and after five years transitioned to the private sector. Her responsibilities for the next seven years were focused on Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reporting. Roles ranged from creating an SEC reporting process for a newly public company to stepping in to manage a mature reporting process. 
Beth began to transition away from SEC reporting with contributing to and managing accounting and finance projects. From there her work evolved to focus entirely on financial systems. Beth’s roots in financial reporting provide a unique and very valuable perspective. She is able to create effective working relationships with accounting and finance teams to translate day-to-day activities into efficient system design and configuration, including system controls.
Her most recent engagement was a successful implementation of Yardi Voyager, primarily focused on Investment Management. The engagement included a publicly traded real estate investment trust, privately held real estate and corporate entities. Prior to Yardi, Beth managed an applications support team for an Oracle enterprise resource planning (ERP) system which included the general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, project accounting, and expense reporting modules. 

Lucas Wentworth

Lucas began professionally helping businesses with technology solutions when he was 14.  Since then he has learned over half-a-dozen computer languages and multiple database technologies and developed a strong passion for leveraging these skills to help business clients overcome the challenges they face and grow optimally.  After earning his Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Duke University, he managed the accounting and operational reporting for a small distribution company where he used his software interests to create custom reporting, optimize operations, and implement new accounting software systems.  Combined with a newfound interest in the database and accounting challenges businesses face, Lucas joined Yardi Systems, where he became well-versed in Voyager 6.0 and 7S Residential environments troubleshooting reconciliations, providing application support, and helping with reporting issues.  Lucas left Yardi to join a marketing analytics startup and dive deeper into data integration.  After four years working on software implementations in the email marketing world, Lucas longed for the days of breaking down balance sheets, creating custom reports, and puzzling over the best solutions to a business' operational challenges, so he joined the BC Solutions team to bring his unique skill sets and passion back to help property managers and Yardi clients once again.

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