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Convert From Any System to Yardi Voyager


We are often asked, 'What is the service most often requested by Yardi Voyager clients?'.


Answer, converting data from other systems


Whether a new client who has made the decision to switch to Yardi from another system or an existing client that has just purchased/taken on management of a new property, this is the service most needed with custom reports being a very close second. We have converted clients from:

  • MRI ®  to Yardi

  • RealPage ® to Yardi

  • Quickbooks to Yardi

  • Excel to Yardi

  • AppFolio® to Yardi

  • CTI to Yardi

  • Yardi (Genesis/Breeze/etc) to Yardi

  • Exports of Yardi General Ledger data to so many systems (Oracle, QB, Sage, etc)

  • and so many other homegrown and enterprise systems

Every client and conversion has its own special needs. Some projects are small enough that entry by hand is the quickest method, but most conversions require the need of the Yardi ETL tool. ETL process by definition is:

Extracting data from the source system-Most often this is through scripts to save time/accuracy

Transform and clean up the data to be imported into Yardi 

Load the data into Yardi for use by accounting/PM and other departments as necessary

We will work with your team to determine the best approach to fit your time, resource and budget goals.

Email now to get a picture of a current or future project!

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