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Yardi 1099s

1099's Making You Crazy?

Yardi 1099

Is it tax time already?

Vendors, contractors, tenants, part-time employees, bank accounts... 1099s, 1099s, 1099s.


So many 1099s!

BC Solutions' team includes CPAs and Property Management professionals who can help navigate the challenges of fulfilling the IRS's requirement to distribute 1099s in a timely manner.

How Can We Help?

BC Solutions follows a simple and well-used process to take the burden of 1099 filing off your shoulders.

File Yardi 1099s

4) If the client wants to submit 1099s, we provide the client with the electronic submission for them to handle

Yardi Data

5) If the client wants us to submit 1099s, we export all needed data into a 3rd party system, validate it, and transmit your 1099s to the IRS

Yardi 1099

6) The 3rd party system mails/emails the 1099

Yardi 1099

1) Validate vendor setup

Yardi 1099

2) Extract 1099 data and compare results to AP analytics for validation

BC Solutions 1099

3) Run the 1099 report on Yardi® to ensure all vendors have EINs set up in Yardi®

Don't wait until you are pulling your hair out. Schedule now for BC Solutions to handle your 1099s this year!

Molly R. Demarest

Director of Operations and Community Development

American Underground / Capitol Broadcasting Company, Inc.

With a lean staff of four employees to run all partnerships, property management, events & programming and financial / operational items across our three locations, none of this would have been possible without the ongoing and persistent support of the BC Solutions team
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