YARDI 1099s

Yardi has released its 1099 software update for 2020!


BC Solutions is ready to assist you with 1099 preparation, testing, auditing and sending.

Email info@bcsolut.com today to get started.

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It's That Time Again

Vendors, contractors, tenants, part-time employees, bank accounts... 1099s, 1099s, 1099s.


So many 1099s.

The 2020 tax season guarantees to be a like no other. Along with all of those 1099s, added affects of PPP loans, employee furloughs / re-hires, additional contractors, etc., etc., etc. will add layers and layers to an already busy time.

BC Solutions' team includes CPAs and Property Management professionals who can help navigate the challenges of fulfilling the IRS's requirement to distribute 1099s in a timely manner.

With a lean staff of four employees to run all partnerships, property management, events & programming and financial / operational items across our three locations, none of this would have been possible without the ongoing and persistent support of the BC Solutions team


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